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Invitation to the

" Days of

Speed and Thunder "

13. pulsejet meeting in Germany

vom 08.-12.05.2018


at Rothenburg / Oberlausitz

All pulsejet freaks are welcome !

Everything with pulsejet engine can be flown.

electric powered models and also glow engines with silencer.

We would like to ask you for registration if you like to fly active with pulsejet.

Don´t  forget your insurance card for your R/C model.

Registration fee is 20,00€ once per pilot.

Host : Verkehrslandeplatz  Flugplatz Rothenburg/Görlitz GmbH Adresse Friedensstr. 105 a

D-02929 Rothenburg Tel +49 (0)35891 / 470 Fax 47205

Contact person: Hubert Leubner Tel: / Fax: 00499265/8410  eMail: